My ghostwritten articles have appeared in leading healthcare and technology publications.

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Why Your Hospital Will Start to Act More Like Amazon

There is a massive shift in healthcare today that will change the way in which all of us interact with hospitals. And I’m not speaking about actual medical care or even the quality of the food in the cafeteria. I’m talking about how we pay for our medical bills.

Bucking the Trend: Why Owning Your Patient Billing Is Smart

End-to-end outsourcing may become a general trend in healthcare, but hospital finance leaders should look for solutions that focus on your patient billing and collections.

3 Steps to Engage Patients with Billing

The consumerism trend is causing hospital leadership to rethink patient engagement and the patient billing experience. How a patient pays is important. As they say, the last impression is a lasting one.

5 Ways Hospitals Can Empower Patients During Revenue Cycle Interactions

Healthcare organizations are making progress in adopting modern strategies for patient payments. Here are five ways to empower patients during your organization’s revenue cycle.

Why the Billing Experience Matters to Patients

Improving the patient experience tops the list of strategic priorities for many healthcare organizations. However, that attention often results in improvements to clinical care or to remodeled patient rooms. What’s often overlooked is a hospital’s billing and revenue cycle.