iCVA Overhaul


  • Long, slow, and cumbersome iCVA; functionality and buttons were not intuitive
  • Small copy on overcrowded screens
  • > 17 swipes to get through the key messages
  • Ultra-conservative regulatory team


  • Reps need a tool that’s simple, bold, and fast
  • Maximize features and functions of the iPad
  • Renew focus on the core story
  • Partnership with Amgen brand team, including medical, regulatory, and legal


  • New, improved, and consistent brand story
  • Smart table of contents that made all content no more than 2 taps away
  • Streamlined functionality; only 7 swipes to detail the brand story
  • Thoughtful design and execution
  • Tagged data to see which content is resonating the most


“I rarely, if ever, use the word ‘great’ in reference to work that anyone creates, but this iCVA is the definition of great work.”

— Parth Shah, Director of Professional Marketing, Amgen Nplate